Propeller Ads – Review. Types of Ads and CPM, CPC.

Propeller Ads – Review. Types of Ads and CPM, CPC.

Propeller Ads – Review. Probably the greatest test of being a blogger is finding a dependable advertisement organization. The vast majority of us know about organizations like AdSense and that show quality promotions and furthermore pay above and beyond time.

Be that as it may, it takes a great deal of hit and preliminary to locate a dependable advertisement organization to serve promotions on the blog. A solid promotion network is one that serves both the publicists and distributers similarly and takes a commission for the assistance.

Update: according to remarks and input from perusers, Propellerads isn’t reasonable for all sorts of websites. They serve Adult advertisements too, so this isn’t suggested for each sort of blog. Despite the fact that they have a severe standard yet dissimilar to AdSense, they can’t force their standard carefully until further notice. In the case of something that transforms, I will tell you.

To facilitate the torment of chasing for a solid promotion network for your blog, I continue to test new organizations to discover great advertisement stages for bloggers and caution against any trick promotion networks simultaneously.

This audit of Propeller Ads media is essential for our advertisement network survey arrangement. This is perhaps the most famous and quickest developing promotion networks among bloggers who are known for convenient payouts.


Propeller Ads is an ideal answer for bloggers hoping to adapt their blog or organization of websites. Propeller Ads offer different promotion types:

  • PopUnder
  • Interstitial mobile ads
  • Dialogue ads/Push up ads for mobile
  • Banner advertising for all standard size
  • Push notification ads

Contingent upon the kind of blog/site you have, you can pick the correct advertisement type to adapt your blog with Propeller Ads. I will walk you through the arrangement part additionally a few hints to make the most out of this advertisement organization.

Note: Propeller Ads is viable with Google AdSense.


This is what you’ill see whenever you have made your record on PropellerAds:

  • Dashboard.
  • Campaigns.
  • Traffic Chart – traffic volumes by advertisement design, evaluating model, nations, os, stages. Likewise, it incorporates “hot” traffic fragments with the best costs, low rivalry, and high volumes.
  • Audience– here you make crowds for retargeting.
  • Tracking– set up the change following.
  • Money – your charging history.
  • Add reserves – go here to set aside an installment and guarantee a promotion code.
  • Profile – individual data, secret word, setting up of repeating installments and notices, API.
  • Help focus – information base.
  • Unique offers – rewards from PropellerAds’ accomplices.
  • Propeller Priority – reward program.
  • Highlight demand – vote, examine and share thoughts regarding stage upgrades.
  • Live online talk (lower right corner) – every minute of every day online help visit.

proceeding onward: as practically all the other things, the following arrangement of PropellerAds is very direct.

On the stage, just hit the “Following” choice on the left-side menu.

Propeller Ads

Campaign Creation

Create a New Campaign

Let’s begin with a campaign with Push Notifications ad format.

create campaign on propellerads

Set the mission name, pick a valuing model (CPC or CPM) and glue your objective URL.

Next alternative?

Our old, dear companion, recurrence covering, so nothing unique going on here. Select your covering recurrence, don’t contact it to leave the default settings (1/24), or check the container in the event that you wanna cripple it.

Presently the sweet part – creatives

  • Add a title (up to 30 images)
  • Portrayal (up to 40 images)
  • 2 creatives: symbol (192×192) and a major pennant picture (360×240). Harvest it!
adding a creative on propellerads

Don’t forget to preview it on different platforms. Yes, Propeller Ads has this option too.

push ad preview

Wanna test a few creatives? Focus on the exceptional apparatus – Smart rotator.

Snap on the “+ Add another inventive for testing” catch and amount to 8 creatives in 1 mission. At that point check the itemized insights for each innovative and go through cash just on the best performing promotions.

Deny manual testing!

Extra Traffic Options and User Activity Targeting

propellerads traffic options

On the off chance that you need more volumes to empower “All traffic alternative” in the event that you need traffic from premium sites just empower the subsequent choice.

Next – User movement focusing on. It’s one more interesting element created by the PropellerAds group.

propellerads user activity

This focusing on partitions clients into three gatherings – hot, medium and cold crowds.

Hot” are new clients, who just bought into Push Notifications and it’s the ideal crowd for the testing of new offers.

Сold” are clients who are somewhat “tired” of warnings and you’ll have to utilize your innovativeness to intrigue them.

Nations and Bid

The name is really clear as crystal.

This is the ideal opportunity for you to set the country (or nations) and urban communities you will target and furthermore your offer. You can incorporate or reject them.

countries and bid on propellerads

Here, you can choose from preset determinations to target around the world, or just a particular mainland, for instance.

Likewise, you can test the new auto-improvement include – Target CPA. Set the ideal cost per change and the framework will impair zones that don’t accommodate your prerequisites.

Promoting Budget

Your day by day and your absolute mission financial plans.

That’s it, not all that much.

Mission Schedule

Another old companion of our own: dayparting. The same old thing to see here.

Focusing on

Here’s that decent part where you can pick your mission’s particular focusing on.

targeting on propellerads
  • Platform – mobile or desktop.
  • OS – MAC OS, Android, Windows.
  • Browser.
  • Browser language.
  • Connection type – it can be “All types”, 3G/LTE, or Wi-Fi/Broadband.
  • Mobile ISP.
  • Zone limitation – your white and blacklists. Exclude or include up to 5000 zones.

Audience and Campaign Schedule

On this page, you pick the crowd for retargeting or make another one.

Retargeting – one more cool element in PropellerAds, that permits you to save money on traffic.

For instance, gather the crowd from your Push mission and afterward dispatch retargeting to this crowd with Popunder. Subsequently, you get less expensive snaps.

Another old companion of our own: dayparting. The same old thing to see here.

That is it for crusade creation, folks!

PropellerAds – Traffic Redux

PropellerAds is certainly a strong and one of the greatest traffic sources.

It has a ton of veritable traffic and a working stage, with heaps of cool highlights for members.

On the off chance that you do your best, it changes over quicker than Ayrton Senna!

The group is open and charming in correspondence. They attempt to offer quality help to clients and help them every way under the sun: visits in Telegram, informal organizations with 70K+ supporters, master online courses and instructive articles, catch the Chinese and Brazilian locales, and set up associations with driving business sector players.

PropellerAds: Offers and Verticals

  • Advertisement Types: Push Notifications, Native Ads, Popunder, Interstitial.
  • Cost Model(s): CPM, CPC, CPA Goal, SmartCPM, Smart CPA.
  • Verticals: Finance, Mainstream Dating, Sweepstakes, eCommerce, Games, Gambling, Betting, Nutra, Crypto.

PropellerAds: Payment and Investment

  • Propeller Ads Minimum Deposit: $100 for charge cards and $1000 for Wire Transfers
  • Subsidizing Methods: Debit/Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard), UnionPay, PayPal, ePayments, American Express, Webmoney, Skrill, and Wire Transfers.

PropellerAds: Support

  • Individual Account Manager: For Platinum publicists just (check Propeller Priority tab for subtleties).
  • Backing Response Speed: Good.
  • Backing Rating: Good.
  • Contact Methods: Online live visit all day, every day in advertisement account.

Bring in Money On PropellerAds

I realize each business faces weaknesses and advertisement networks are the same.

All things being equal, I gotta perceive that Propeller Ads is a very decent stage for somebody searching for extraordinary pop traffic.

It’s straightforward, directly forthright, and it’s probably got the traffic you need.

I trust you’ve made the most of my Propeller Ads audit and I truly imagine that you’re presently prepared to PropellerAds!

What amount is Propeller Ads Minimum payout and upheld installment choices:

The least payout ought to consistently be one of the main considerations while picking an advertisement organization. You would prefer not to be left with cash in your record and not have the option to money out because of the high least payout. With Propeller Ads, you don’t need to stress over it considering the base payout is a pitiful $25.

image credit: shoutmeloud

I have arranged Payoneer rather than PayPal to get installment.

In the event that you are asking why?

You should peruse my correlation of PayPal Vs. Payoneer.

Likewise, I trust they add the Bitcoin withdrawal alternative in the not so distant future, a component numerous other promotion networks have just begun offering.

At present, PropellerAds underpins installment utilizing the accompanying techniques:

  • Mastercard
  • Payoneer
  • Bank move
  • PayPal
  • Webmoney
  • E-installment

Their wire move costs $50 in charges, and you are greatly improved utilizing Payoneer or PayPal to pull out your payout. On the off chance that you are somebody making more than $10,000/month from PropellerAds, at that point you can consider utilizing wire move.

You should peruse my previous contextual analysis on Payoneer versus PayPal to comprehend which one will be more practical for you.


What are propeller ads?

Propeller Ads is a Global Advertising network with 1+ billion online clients each month. The organization was found in 2011 and from that point forward it has gotten one of the biggest promoting networks. It comes to more than 100 million work area and portable clients daily across 120,000 of premium internet distributing accomplices.

Can I use Propellerads with Adsens?

Indeed, you can generally utilize Propellerads with AdSense. As per Google arrangements: You are permitted to put up to 3 pop-promotions on a page where AdSense is shown.

How much do propeller ads pay?

The base payout is presently just about as low as $5
Regardless of whether you are simply beginning things out with adaptation, you would already be able to pull out your profit… regardless of whether it’s just $5. We are glad to help out little, specialty or amateur distributers! Note that the base payout additionally relies upon your installment strategy.

Are propeller ads good?

Propeller Ads is a good Ads media network”
I like most of their ads format which can lead to a good conversion and for Publisher the CPM is high as per their GEO of traffic. This is a very good thing.

Who pays more than AdSense? is a direct AdSense contender run by Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the world’s biggest logical advertisement organizations and is utilized by commonly recognized names everywhere on the world.

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