The New Year Message of MUHAMMADU BUHARI 2021.

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First JANUARY 2021

New Year Message of MUHAMMADU BUHARI

My individual kinsmen and ladies,

To begin with, I might want to thank and laud the Almighty who saw us during that time 2020 and has allowed us the chance to observe the beginning of another new year. We particularly express gratitude toward God on the grounds that the year 2020 was perhaps the most difficult years since our reality as a Nation.

  1. This can likewise be said pretty much any remaining countries around the globe, because of the difficulties presented on our aggregate humankind by the novel COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. While recognizing that 2020 was an extremely intense year, we saw for the current year put to test our public strength and capacity to endure these difficult stretches and furthermore gave reestablished trust that we will again overcome any tempests that lay ahead in 2021 and past.
  3. As we praise the open door before us in this New Year 2021, we should likewise recognize the dying of our siblings and sisters who didn’t make it into this New Year. May their spirits rest in wonderful harmony.
  4. We should recollect that we likewise commended the memorable event of our sixty years as a free and sovereign nation on October first 2020. In the soul of expectation and appreciation, I might want to remind us again that as a nation on the troublesome excursion to nationhood and significance, we have frustrated the numerous savants at home and around the globe who never gave the recently conceived nation that arose unto the world stage on first October 1960 a possibility of enduring any longer than a couple of years.
  5. However, here we are, 61 years by the following commemoration in October, and in addition to the fact that we are here, we are standing tall in the comity of countries as one nation joined under the desire of God and furthermore effectively developing that unbreakable Nigerian soul that has empowered us, after quite a long time after year, without fail, to climate every single turbulent water and arise more grounded and better where others have fallen and deteriorated. This country, this Nigeria will endure and flourish.
  6. In this excursion to nationhood, we have encountered the highs and lows. 2020 surely accompanied a great deal of difficulties going from security and financial issues across the locales to reasonable fights that were essentially driven by our young people and served notice to the interest for police changes and responsibility. This administration heard, this administration tuned in and this administration is focused on satisfying the five requests of our young people, completely understanding that we as a whole wish well for Nigeria.
  7. Amidst every one of these difficulties, I had at first swore that as your chosen President and Commander-in-Chief, I would guarantee that these continuous difficulties will be confronted head-on with restored assurance and with all the suitability and criticalness required. Your voices have been heard and we would keep on tuning in to you, and all the key partners who are focused on the solidarity of Nigeria to guarantee that each district of this country is alright for us all of us, ensuring that what’s to come is additionally secure for the coming age.
  8. I wish to likewise utilize this event of New Year to reaffirm my obligation to the individuals of Nigeria, particularly the young who need our aggregate consolation and backing. In making sure about this country we need to make sure about the fate of our childhood.
  9. Our youngsters are our most important common asset, at home and abroad. Their resourcefulness, imagination, advancement and enterprising soul is obvious to all. Huge numbers of our youngsters are dominating in different circles of life including sports, amusement, data and correspondence innovation, business and are worldwide perceived as achievers.
  10. As a Government we are focused on effectively captivating with the imaginative energies of our youngsters. In such manner, we will join forces with the assembly to build up an empowering climate to transform their interests into thoughts that can be upheld, prepped and scaled across locales. This will make huge open doors in fintech, horticulture, business measure new companies and in media outlets.
  11. The year 2021 will surely be where we will attempt to fortify the expectations of individual Nigerians in the vision of a unified and reformist Nigeria. This organization would keep zeroing in on conveying key vital needs under our “Ocean” – (Security, Economy and Anti-Corruption) Agenda. A portion of the key need regions we would guide our consideration and qualities to include:


  1. Re-invigorating and rearranging the security mechanical assembly and staff of the military and the police so as to improve their ability to connect with, push back and destroy the activities of both interior and outside radical and criminal gatherings taking up arms against our networks in certain pieces of the nation.
  2. In accordance with the current security challenges, we are looking as a Nation, I might want to emphasize the guarantee I made as of late when more than 300 of our young men stole from Government Science Secondary School, Kankara were effectively safeguarded by our security agents.
  3. The demonstrable skill appeared by our Security Forces and the cooperation from all partners across both State and Federal Governments that prompted the effective salvage of the young men is confirmation that Nigeria has the inner ability to unequivocally manage dread assaults on our residents.
  4. Notwithstanding, we perceive that we quickly need to move to a more proactive and preemptive stance to guarantee that such awful occurrences don’t turn into a standard. Our organization is completely mindful of the duty we need to ensure the lives and property, everything being equal, and we won’t yield in learning and adjusting to changing dangers to our public security and community prosperity.


  1. Our emphasis is on patching up the economy through the public monetary enhancement plan that underpins the essential objective of public food independence. This has decreased the developing food related inflationary figures and have in impressive measure decidedly affected our food security status during the long a long time of the pandemic lock down.
  2. We are likewise as of now remaking our public framework base and, simultaneously, presenting change through the restoration, modernization, and development of the railroad framework, public streets and extensions both in country and metropolitan focuses, close by the air terminals and seaports.
  3. The changes we have set up in the force area would ensure expanded effectiveness in our drive to essentially extend the age and dispersion of power for use in homes and industrial facilities.
  4. As an organization we are presently attempted a progression of unique intercessions intended to help work creation and backing the innovative drive of our young people.
  5. With the new opening of our fringes, we expect that the repressed interest of authentic cross-outskirt and global exchange will support the fortunes of the numerous private companies and rural ventures that rely upon Nigeria’s exchange and business.
  6. The message to our West African neighbors is that Nigeria is by and by completely open for those ready to lead business in a reasonable and fair manner.

Hostile to CORRUPTION:

  1. On the counter debasement drive of our organization, we have recorded considerable gains up until now and this year, we are focused on proceeding with the way of annihilating defilement, through joint effort with all the arms of Government to successfully indict this battle.
  2. While we would be working with the Legislature to authorize laws that would fortify this battle, we would likewise be taking a gander at inspecting a portion of our laws which would guarantee that this battle is more successful. With respect to the leader, we would guarantee the industrious and ideal arraignment of debasement cases, while engaging the legal executive to guarantee that defilement cases are abstained from speedily.
  3. The tirelessness of different types of brutality has implied that in the most influenced portions of the nation, the texture of between collective amicability woven through long stretches of speculation of exertion at building trust, shared regard, and congruity has been undermined.
  4. Instability as a test has direct repercussions on our public monetary steadiness, development, and advancement, hampering us at basic focuses through the devastation of public and private speculations.
  5. In pieces of the nation where ongoing destitution, social prohibition, and frustration among areas of the young were at that point an issue, the patterns of viciousness that have been released by thoughtless gatherings like Boko Haram and others have impeded the endeavors of government to attempt the social approach and related ventures that could have a gigantic effect in the personal satisfaction of our residents.
  6. I am mindful that for a portion of our comrades, the advancement we have enlisted since the origin of this organization isn’t close to as quick or as adequate as they would wish. I don’t resent them their perspectives to the extent that they imply a wish, in which we as a whole offer, for just the absolute best for our nation.
  7. In any case, I call upon all Nigerians to painstakingly review the conditions of our coming to office, current realities on the ground and the assets available to us since 2015 with the achievements of this organization.
  8. As a people, we have demonstrated commendable strength notwithstanding every difficulty, an unequaled ability to recuperate expediently from each mishap, an unmatched liberality of soul when we settle our disparities, and a steady preparation to put confidence and expectation in the fate we share as a unified nation based on the variety of its people groups.
  9. It is these qualities that support the Nigerian soul of “can do, will do” that gives me trust that we will yet get to objective and satisfy our assembling, particularly with the strong goals we are setting in this new year.
  1. Keeping our nation on a forward walk is an obligation which we as a whole have and share. In such manner, guarding our nation from a resurgent pattern of COVID-19 as this organization concludes its arrangements to acquire and productively and adequately convey the COVID-19 antibodies, I encourage you all kinsmen to notice severe COVID-19 anticipation conventions.
  2. As your chosen President, my vow to you is equivalent to it has consistently been; I will have my impact completely and without dread or favor. I welcome we all to do likewise. It is the thing that we owe to the establishing age of our darling nation and furthermore to the coming age. It is the thing that we want for public thriving for all requests.
  3. Long Live the Nigerian soul of unity, harmony, and solidarity. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year.

May God favor the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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