Blogging in Nepal. Top 10 Blogs of Nepal.

Blogging in Nepal. Top 10 Blogs of Nepal. Need to procure somewhat as an afterthought while you investigate your pastime? Why not take up contributing to a blog?

Outside Nepal, there are people who are seeking after suitable vocations as bloggers. A few, as Harsh Agrawal from India with his honor winning site, have even become worldwide VIPs. Be that as it may, proficient writing for a blog is as yet in its early stages in Nepal.

Ganesh Karki, who began publishing content to a blog in 2008, says being a blogger at the time was something totally new. He used to compose sonnets in Nepali and discovered they had a major crowd on the web. “I began considering it to be a pay source,” he says. He routinely refreshes substance on and and cases to acquire $150-200 per month through his online journals.


Does writing for a blog have an extension in Nepal? “In the event that you are prepared to invest some exertion, it very well may be an extra kind of revenue and, on the off chance that you are any acceptable, you get perceived internationally,” Karki says.

Mahesh Gautam, who began contributing to a blog a year back, runs three publishing content to a blog sites—,, and On a normal, he acquires around Rs 10,000 every month from them. “They permit me to cover a portion of my month to month costs,” he says. Of his three locales, the initial two are in English while the third is in Nepali.

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Bikash Rai, one more blogger at, began by sharing his insight into moving themes. He says, “Writing for a blog has scope in the event that you can cover worldwide points. However, it tends to be on any point in the event that you are prepared to strive to promote your web journals.”

Google AdSense is the most widely recognized (however not for sites in Nepali) wellspring of income for Nepali bloggers. You procure a specific sum when guests click on advertisements on your site.

Other than AdSense, backlink selling, and supported substance (promotions from various organizations) are other practical pay hotspots for Nepali bloggers.

Rai says he acquires Rs. 15,000 every month on normal working just in his extra time. Yet, pay isn’t fixed and relies upon such factors as traffic, promotions, and other supported substance.

You can likewise offshoot showcasing on a commission premise just as moment articles. “Associate promoting is best for tech-related web journals. For moment articles, you need to associate your site to a Facebook page,” Rai adds.

Shankar Kapri, a blogger at, says he has procured $200 in two months by contributing to a blog. “The pay relies upon your work and traffic,” he adds.

How does the blogger get the created pay? Facebook puts aside the installments in your financial balance. Google used to pay through Western Union yet has begun straightforwardly saving cash in your financial balance too. Some global customers even compensation through PayPal.

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Be that as it may, as PayPal isn’t accessible in Nepal. Rai has discovered an exit plan however. He adds, “all things considered, I channel my pay through my companions abroad.”

“Just great traffic brings in great cash,” is the mantra bloggers live by. Be that as it may, the online journals focusing on Nepali crowds think that its difficult to get traffic, at the very least since Google promotions don’t have any significant bearing on account of Nepali websites.

What’s more, the opposition is extreme. “Your online journals should be special and the absolute best,” says Rai.

Absence of information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another issue. “Numerous bloggers disregard SEO and their substance don’t arrive at target crowd,” says Aakash Karki, a SEO expert for bloggers. Website design enhancement is necessary to rank in Google and get traffic. “At the point when somebody look through related substance on Google and doesn’t discover your blog, your website doesn’t get guests, basic as that,” he says.

Nor, so far as that is concerned, are Nepalis used to contributing to a blog. “They are more into news site and generally in obscurity about writing for a blog,” says Ganesh Karki. He says most Nepali bloggers are irregulars, much the same as him. As his substance is in Nepali and rivalry has expanded, it isn’t producing the pay it used to.

So there are a lot of deterrents for would-be Nepali bloggers. At this moment, it has all the earmarks of being a decent wellspring of extra pay in the event that you have something different going as an afterthought. It could be a harder sell as a full-time vocation choice.

How to get Paypal in Nepal

Top 10 Blogs of Nepal

Here at Nepali Blogger, I am truly enthusiastic about investigating new Nepali online journals. As I as often as possible go over a few Nepali online journals, I figured it would be a smart thought to fabricate a rundown of all Nepali sites that I stagger on. I comprehend this probably won’t be a select rundown of Nepali online journals and kindly don’t hesitate to suggest your blog in the remarks underneath. I trust this will be a far reaching rundown of Nepali Blogs over the long run.

Top Nepali Blogs | Featured List

In spite of the fact that I call it as a rundown of top Nepali online journals, it’s truth be told just an included rundown. There are no rankings included and the rundown doesn’t mirror a specific request of the web journals. The rundown primarily incorporates web journals that are mainstream among Nepali crowd and local area.

1. Mysansar

Mysansar is perhaps the most visited Nepali online journals on the web. The blog was begun back in 2005 by Salokya and is truly famous among Nepali Diaspora.


2. lexlimbu is an individual blog of Lex limbu who began contributing to a blog from London, UK. The blog for the most part centers around Nepali happenings from Nepal and the Nepali diaspora.


3. xNepali

xNepali is as of now a Nepali Movies and diversion blog in spite of the fact that it canvassed various subjects before. The blog additionally has a few supportive Nepali apparatuses on its area.


4. The Gundruk Post

The Gundruk post is one of the new Nepali websites zeroing in via web-based media, tech, business and diversion points. The blog is mostly famous for list posts on various Nepali themes.

Visit The Gundruk Post

5. Ashesh’s Blog

Generally well known for Nepali instruments, for example, schedule and date converter, Ashesh’s blog is an individual blog of Ashesh covering assortment of themes from Web programming, Designing to Nepali occasions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Visit Ashesh’s Blog

6. Nirmal’s Web Blog

Nirmal’s Web Blog is an individual blog fo Nirmal Gyanwali, a Sydney based Web Designer and engineer. The blog chiefly covers subjects on data innovation – Nepal and general.

Visit Nirmal’s Web Blog

7. Joined We Blog

Joined we Blog was begun back in 2004 and has posts principally on Nepali governmental issues and society.The webpage was established in 1 October, 2004 by Dinesh Wagle and Ujjwal Acharya.

Visit joinedweblog

8. Aakar Post

Aakar Post is a Nepali Blog by Aakar Anil (Ghimire), a Marketing Technologist and Nepali blogger. Aakar Post covers a few subjects including innovation, online media, Nepali patterns and that’s just the beginning.

Visit Aakar Post

9. Nepali Chalchitra

Nepali Chalchitra is a Nepali films blog covering themes on Nepali VIPs, diversion and Nepali motion pictures.

Visit Nepali Chalchitra

10. Nepali Australian

Nepali Australian is a blog by Sydney based Nepali blogger sharing individual encounters about movement, culture, marriage and so forth

Visit Nepali Australian

*This rundown will be refreshed after some time. I couldn’t want anything more than to see your recommendations in the remarks beneath.

I realize I might have barely noticeable some great sites in the rundown. Kindly propose assuming any, utilizing the remarks box underneath.


How can I start a blog in Nepal?

The Complete Guide To How to Start Blog In Nepal
What is a blog?& What is contributing to a blog In Nepal?
Pick a Right Niche For Your Blog.
Pick a Domain for Your Blog.
Stage to Choose for writing for a blog.
Pick a Good Web Hosting For Your Blog.
Pick A Good UI Theme.
Compose Your First Post With Good Content.

How much will it cost to start a blog?

On the off chance that you simply need to make an individual blog, you can do as such free of charge through Furthermore, on the off chance that you need to have a blog on your own worker with your own area name, you can do as such for under $50 per year. Look at my rundown of the best web hosts to locate the privilege facilitating plan for your blog.

How can I earn money in Nepal?

Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an online stage and organization that permits us to show promotions on sites and recordings. …
Outsourcing. …
Nearby SEO Audit. …
YouTube. …
Associate Marketing.

How much do bloggers make a month?

It’s not unreasonable to make between $0.01 – $0.10 per online visit in many contributing to a blog specialties across show and partner advertisements. So in the event that you get 1,000 site visits a month, you can make between $10-$100 each month. However, in the event that you can get to 100,000 site visits a month you can make between $1,000 – $10,000 off of your blog each month.

Where do I start blogging?

Go to Wix. WordPress ( …
Start with WordPress. LinkedIn ( …
Go to Weebly. Medium ( …
Go to Medium. Phantom ( …
Go to Ghost. Blogger ( …
Go to Blogger. Tumblr ( …
Go to Tumblr. …
Go to Joomla

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