6 TV Shows to Watch if You Like Westworld

HBO knows how to turn its TV shows into must-watch events. The streaming service is more than just Game of Thrones, however.

The fantasy drama Westworld debuted in 2016; It is based on the Michael Crichton novel and 1973 film about an amusement park where the attractions are robots called “hosts”.

Black Mirror (Netflix)

If you want something a little more skimpy, the British anthology series Black Mirror scratches the itch of Charlie Brooker’s work, the series consists of stand-alone episodes that take the modern culture of technology and extrapolate it to absurd and terrifying ends. The episodes vary in quality, but some are among the best things ever aired. See “Fifteen Million Merits” about a society where all are slaves to pedaling to produce electricity while being attacked by advertising; and “Be Right Back,” a chilling story about artificial intelligence replicating dead people for the convenience of their survivors. If you’re not sure where to go, we’ve rated each Black Mirror episode from best to worst. Netflix has five seasons and an exclusive Bandersnatch special – choose your own adventure, now available.

Electric Dreams (Amazon Video)

People love to distort the boundaries between humanity and technology so much that Amazon has its own version of Black Mirror called Philip K. Dick`s Electric Dreams. The series takes inspiration from the legendary author’s often psychedelic and prophetic short stories and adapts them into an anthology. Terrence Howard, Greg Kinnear, Richard Madden, and Juno Temple, to name a few, appear on the show. If you also want to choose your episodes here, we rank the episodes.

Deadwood (HBO / Amazon Video / Hulu)

Westworld isn’t the first HBO company in the Old West. In the mid-2000s, David Milch’s critically acclaimed Deadwood series broke the imagination and did a great job showing a gritty and dirty portrait of horrific people struggling for power in a mining town in South Dakota. Incredible performances including Ian McShane as memorable Al Swearingen, made this a cult show. Unlike in Westworld, people die in gruesome ways, the effects of which last forever. And of course we can’t forget about Deadwood’s love affair with profanity in English – characters swore in combinations we had never heard of and it was really beautiful. All three seasons of Deadwood, as well as the 2019 film, can be viewed on Amazon Video and HBO.

Humans (Amazon Video)

The premise of Humans should sound familiar: in the near future, artificial humans called “synthesizers” are being sold for a variety of purposes. A small group of synthesizers hold the key to advanced consciousness hidden within them, but each individual is concerned with being forced out. This British show (itself a successful Swedish version) offers suspense and thrills as synthesizers struggle to experience emotions and feelings they simply shouldn’t be able to experience. When a program is discovered that could guarantee conscience for every synth in the world, things get very sticky. Watch all three seasons on Amazon Video.

Altered Carbon (Netflix)

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In the futuristic world of Altered Carbon, humans have the ability to upload their memories into new bodies, wiping out things like death and disease.The show centers on Takeshi Kovacs, a mercenary and revolutionary who has been resurrected. into a new body after hundreds of years. in storage and tasked with solving the murder of one of the richest men in the world. Altered Carbon explores identity in a world where your body is but an instrument and ‘property’ is not is not something you can take for granted. Joel Kinnaman has moved away from the role of Kovacs, replaced by Anthony Mackie in the second season, but it’s still a strong, serious and uncompromising take on body dystopia. The first two seasons are streaming on Netflix, with a movie set anime link for the release.

Battlestar Galactica (NBC.com)

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Ronald Moore’s update of the 1970s sci-fi series took the chrome cylons of the original and reinvented them in a more disturbing way as humanoids living among us, some not even aware of their artificial origins. In this way, Westworld’s artificial Hosts who come to terms with their creation owe a lot to the way Battlestar Galactica has treated its opponents. One of the most well-crafted science fiction series of recent decades, BSG takes some questionable steps but overall offers an epic story that nails both the grand battles and the human cost of war. Some might argue that the finale isn’t quite the landing, but few TV shows succeed, and it’s a hell of a journey to get there. Watch the two-part mini-series and all four seasons on NBC.com.

Well, These are the best tv shows you might want to watch if you truly love watching westworld.

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